Friday, October 19, 2007

Justice League Smokescreen

There's a fresh-ish piece on AintItCool about the Justice League auditions. According to Quint, a 'source buried deep in the production' has said that a number of the auditioning actors 'were only reading for two characters: The Flash and Wonder Woman'.

The way it's put, we are essentially having it suggested that none of the young folk called in to see George Miller recently were up for any of the other parts. Closer inspection, of course, reveals this not likely to be the case at all.

Quint only names a handful of the actors on the original list, for one thing; for another, some of those he hasn't named simply don't look anything like a reasonable choice for, oftentimes aren't even the same race as the characters under discussion, for example The Flash.

There's no doubt that Miller is looking at young actors for other roles too. This hasn't been a popular fact, but there's still no denying it. Snarky references to the Teen Titans abound, but, frankly, I could care less. If Miller wants a young cast, then let him. Surely he has his reasons? He's not just some dumb hack, or a studio pawn. Miller's vision might not be yours, but it is a vision and I believe, after all, that he's capable of getting the film right.

Or at least fairly right. And that's better than a lot of high-profile directors of high-profile comic book franchise films.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, George Miller is so fantastic. Is that why he's responsible for inflicting The Neverending Story 2, Zeus and Roxanne and Cybermutt on humankind?

Snarky comments about the Teen Titans? Wonderwoman is an adult, if she wasn't, she'd be a girl. That would make her Wondergirl. Wondergirl was a member of the Teen Titans not the Justice League of America.