Thursday, October 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Crunchy Cornflake Nut Edition

My dog Delhi escaped this morning and was missing for hours. It scared me more than anything else in the last couple of years. But she's home now. Thankfully.

- A tradeshow promo for Wall-E - in which Andrew Stanton shows some incredible new art, including a good look at Eve, and reveals plenty of the plot - has appeared on YouTube. Download it before it's too late.

- The process by which films get nominated for FX Oscars is being

- Demetri Martin is getting his own show on Comedy Central.

- I'd be much more interested in Terminator 4 if McG were directing it, so I like this rumour quite a bit.

- Jamie Oliver is voicing the health inspector role in the UK release version of Ratatouille, bumping Tony Fucile. You can see him being schooled by Pixar in a new clip.

- Eduardo Rodriguez is to direct Fragile, a zombie love story adapted from Stephano Raffaele's comic.

- It's been a while since I reviewed the script, but I still remember many scenes vividly: Guillermo del Toro's next film to roll is tipped to be At the Mountains of Madness.

- A Thousand Words is to be something of a Norbit reteam, with Eddie Murphy and Brian Robbins both in negotiations for the project. The simple, but appealing, premise hinges on our central character discovering he only has 1000 words left to say before he dies. If handled correctly, this could actually give rise to some genuinely cinematic moments. Fingers crossed then - because Norbit hardly inspired much faith.

- Stills from CJ7, Stephen Chow's next, have turned up. A trailer is promised within weeks.

- Rob Thomas is resurrecting his show Cupid for ABC. The new version won't star Jeremy Piven - which is a shame - and will be relcoated to LA from Chicago - which makes no difference to me.

- Crooks have hit the Kingdom of Crystal Skull and run off with pre-production materials - computers, pictures and other info. Have they been bold enough to forward this stuff to, say, AintItCool? And will future scoopage from Indy IV be met with suspicion? [EDIT: A suspect has been charged]

- Catherine Hardwicke is directing Twilight from Stephenie Meyer's kid's book about vampires.

- On Channing Tatum's recommendation, New Line have optioned Brom's illustrated gothic novel The Plucker. Meanwhile, over at universal, the book option of the day has been taken out on The Night Tourist, a kid's novel by Katherine Marsh.

- There's been a table read of the Spirit script.

- A Princess Bride game for casual gamers is to be released next spring, with a 'teaser version' on the upcoming DVD.

- Bradley Cooper has been cast in the best friend role in Yes Man.

- The CW is axing Kids WB.

- Universal have snapped up Cody Diablo's Girly Style pitch, for a female-led college film.

- The Spanish comedy Torremolinos 73, set in the porn industry, is to get a Chinese remake.

- Lorry-driving busy-body Stewart Brown has been bettered in the UK Courts. Despite Brown's assertion that An Incovenient Truth film presents 'partisan political views' a Judge has ruled that it can be screened in British schools. Blimey. I can only wonder what Brown would make of half of the films I encourage my students to watch - not to mention half of those on the syllabus.

- New Line aren't to fight their federal court fine of 125,000 dollars for refusing to turn over Rings documents.

- Jewel Staite is starring in The Tribe which is apparently much more of an action film than a slasher film, as it has previously been considered.

- NonStop Sales are to represent Gnomes and Trolls in the marketplace. It's a Swedish toon with voicework by EG Daily, directed and co-written by Robert Rhodin and produced by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, previously scriptwriters on Toy Story and Garfield.

- Kevin Dillon will be the Gerard Butler stand-in for 301 a spoof of... well, probably quite few things as it goes along, I should wonder.

- Natalie Portman has been cast in Jim Sheridan's Brothers. She's left in the US with her step-brother (Jake Gyllenhall) while hubby (Tobey Maguire) is sent into conflict in Afghanistan.

- Peter Morgan's The Jury is to become a feature film - but with Morgan replaced as writer by Beau Willimon. Marc Forster is set to direct. There was a lot of content in the TV version and getting it down to a feature film will be a challenge of Traffic-like proportions.

- Ehren Kruger is co-writing Transformers 2 with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

- JT Petty, one of film ick's favourite horror directors of recent years, is writing and directing Goth. This one's derived from a Japanese novel about previously antagonistic high school cliques coming together to stop a serial killer - and there's just a little Romeo and Juliet tucked in there too.

Now I have to go because my DVD copy of Planet Terror literally just turned up and I simply have to put it on.

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