Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Giraffe Looks Over Edition

- There's some Batfilming going on in Bedfordshire (which is, if I remember correctly, up the wooden hill). I saw the link at SuperHeroHype.

- Teresa Young of Cardiff has seen Jim Davidson live 296 times, with tickets for 297 and 298 already in the bank. Quite bafflingly she described the quite apparently hateful, homophobic, racist misogynist as the most "loving, caring guy" she has ever met.

- I don't think much of the John Rambo poster.

- Jim Carrey has called for UN sanctions on Myanmar.

- The LA based Breadmaker Productions are co-producing Ho Wi Ding's Pinoy Sunday with the Taiwanese Great Domain Films. Apparently, the $300k film has a plot revolving around a sofa that changes the life of the two main characters. Huh? In a magic-realist way? Or a social-realist way? I have no idea...

- Universal have jammed a Hollywood thumb in the Midnight Eagle pie, and plan to release the Japanese action film stateside this year. Seeing the Uni logo appear at the start of the film in Japan will mark a first for the studio.

- David Hasselhoff is expected to star in at least one of two new Anaconda films. Apparently, he's going to play a mercenary hunting a deadly snake in order to secure its medicinally powerful properties for a billionaire (In the venom? I spot a twist coming). Production is expected to take place in Romania, and Donald E. Fauntleroy is to direct.

- Join the NYTimes for a look at Asylum and their 'mockbusters'.

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