Monday, October 01, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Liverpool Post Office Box Edition

- Mark Wahlberg has something to say about Fighter, We Own the Night, GI Joe and The Happening - the last of which seems to be going very smoothly.

- BSkyB's basic terrestrial service has been named Picnic.

- HBO appear to have axed plans for a couple of Deadwood TV movies to resolve the series' plotlines.

- The rumoured new Tim Burton stop-motion movie might just be a feature-length version of Frankenweenie. Hmmm. That one works better as live action, I think. We'll soon know what's going on for sure, anyway.

- Catherine Keener (well loved at film ick) has signed on to The Soloist, the next film from Joe Wright (not so well loved).

- Noah's Ark is to be an animated comedy from the point of view of the animal cargo. ElectroAge are animating.

- David Reynolds has been given the writing gig on Nightmare Academy, adapted from the books written by Dean Lorey and illustrated by Brandon Doorman.

- Gianna Jun has been cast in the lead role of the live action Blood: The Last Vampire adaptation as well as The Guy Who Once Was Superman about Georgre Ree... er... Christopher Ree... er... Dean Cai... er... a fantasist who becomes the subject of a documentary.

- Jackie Chan isn't too impressed by the Rush Hour films. Nope. Nor me.

- First Look are to distribute Ted-Danson-makes-a-porno comedy The Amateurs and war drama Day Zero.

- Kathy Baker, James Brolin, Richard Schiff and Eileen Atkins have all joined the cast of Last Chance Harvey.

- An interview with Brad Bird seems to confirm that the Pixar name will be attached to 1906. This isn't the first time we've heard this, and it isn't yet official, so... who knows? I received the link from JV Pixar.

- The Game Plan is the number one movie in the US this weekend, much to many people's surprise. Tucked away in the credits is a 'story by' for Audrey Wells so I have to be at least a little happy.

- The disappointing teaser trailer for The Oxford Murders has appeared.

- Mimi Leder is directing The Code, a heist caper set to star Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. Standard old crook, young crook, 'one last job' plotting...

- The HP Lovecraft Historical Society are in production on a version of The Whisperer in Darkness, expected to be in the same cod-silent-era stylings of their Cthuhlu. The original Whisperer story is available for reading online.

- James Purefoy has taken the lead in Michael J. Bassett's Solomon Kane adaptation.

- The official Wall-E synopsis tells us nothing new.

- Will Radiohead's 'Pay What You Want' policy for their new album cross-over to indie film downloads?

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