Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Public Limited Tombola Edition

- Tarantino's script for Death Proof is dedicated to Charles B. Griffith, exploitation film supremo and underrated satirist. Sadly, Griffith passed away on the 28th. Goodbye, Charles.

- Telecom company Orange, heroes of Wednesday night movie going, have renewed their sponsorship deal with BAFTA. For both 2008 and 9 they'll be the named supporter of the awards shows.

- Al Wilson, animation designer and story designer has passed away. Goodbye, Al.

- Genius TV theme composer Ronnie Hazlehurst has passed away. His Blankety Blank, Last of the Summer Wine, Two Ronnies, Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em themes are absolutely brilliant. Goodbye, Ronnie.

- James Wong is directing the live-action Dragonball Z movie.

- Nancy Bardawill is directing Greta, a teen romance with Hilary Duff.

- Jane Tranter has spelled out the future plans of BBC Films and there's a focus on family fare, and seemingly literary adaptations too. Peter Pan in Scarlett, The Jungle Book and Swallows and Amazons are all on the cards.

- Dick Wolf, Max Allan Collins, J H Wyman and D J Caruso are the team behind Johnny Dynamite, a supernatural noir TV series to be shot on greenscreened virtual sets.

- Why are they remaking The Brood? I hope it's good.

- A Hulk script review makes up for a lack of insight with a surfeit of spoilers.

- The plot for the first Feast sequel has been boiled down and spat out - and there's even something about the third in the series.

- The next Advance Wars should keep me square-eyed for quite some time. I've played the last one every single day since I was given it for Xmas 2005.

- The Competition Commission have found against BSkyB, which may force them to shelve their stake in ITV.

- As well as Dinner For Schmucks, Sach Baron Cohen is reportedly lining up more social-gathering based comedy of embarrassment with a remake of Blake Edwards' The Party.

- The UK R2 DVD of Death Proof seems to have the exact same special features as the R1 US disc.

- Kurtzman and Orci have come onbaord Watchmen to do a script rewrite. This is probably a rather good thing. And, apparently, Zack Snyder himself has done the last few tweaks.

- The Spanish wing of Warners have signed a pact with Pedro and Agustin Almodovar's El Deseo.

- Peter Berg is setting up a director's gig for himself with a film about the kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III. Robin Shusan is to write the script.

- There's a wedding in the Sex and the City movie and the bride and groom have been revealed... but be wary of a monster spoiler.

- Javier Bardem appears to have finally signed on for Joe Carnahan's Killing Pablo. Christian Bale is likely to play his nemesis.

- Zelda Rubinstein explains why Tobe Hooper's work on Poltergeist is amongst his worst.

- The Tom Green Show is to get a syndicated TV test-drive in the New Year. Freddy Got Fingered is great. Visionary genius. I'd love to see Green get to direct another feature film. But it's not going to happen.


David said...

There's a quote from Spielberg's lawyer that I'm sure you've seen, but it bears repeating (it might be in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, but I'm at work right now so can't exactly check...). I'm quoting from memory, but after visiting the set of Poltergeist, he said something like, "Now I know what an executive producer does. He sets up the shot, tells the actors what to do and says 'action'."

If only Hooper had the guts to do a tell-all book or something about that production, it's always sounded fascinating to me. Though I guess, given the lawyers Spielberg can afford (just ask the people who originally worked on the Close Encounters script before Spielberg decided he wanted sole writing credit), that the whole mess is not worth revisiting for Hooper. Shame, really.

Anonymous said...

Freddy Got Fingered is a terrible movie. I am a fan of the Tom Green Show but FGF is just exhausting with all the self-consciously "wacky" goings on, like Green is just flinging everything he can at the screen and seeing what sticks (the answer increasingly being, as the film goes on, nothing). It certainly had shock value though: the scene where Green's pal breaks his leg and then when Green delivers the baby... man alive.