Friday, October 12, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Salt Salt Sugar Sugar Edition

Jake Gyllenhaal has just been on Jon Ross' BBC1 show and, to my eyes and ears at least, he was on top form. Good stuff. I'm very excited to see Rendition but have yet to be invited to a press screening. I guess I'll be buying a ticket next Friday. And now, here is the news.

- Peter Cullen knows of plans for two more Transforme

- Eli Roth's Trailer Trash is to roll pre-strike, with an August 22nd release date for next year already penned in. Roth wants to "make a film like Monty Python and the Holy Grail" which he considers "the greatest acheivement in the history of cinema". He's not far wrong.

- Fox are snuffing out all singalonga Buffy screenings.

- Darren Aranofsky's Protozoa Pictures a
re to bring us The Wrestler, with Nic Cage as the well-oiled eponym, respectable in the 80s but now a little less flattered by the spandex. Having given up the play fighting with a dickie heart, Cage's slam-bam-and-thank-you man has taken a job in a deli and moved in with an 'aging stripper' (I wonder how old she turns out to be?) until along comes the prospect of a rematch with his one-time nemesis, amusingly called The Ayatollah. There's a possibility that Aranofsky may direct - but just that, a possibility.

- Will Smith is spinning Hitch off into a sitcom, as a producer but not a star.

- Stallone has put his foot down and it is going to be called John Rambo after all.

- Special effects explosions have been set loose at Battersea Power Station, apparently for the opening scenes of The Dark Knight.

- Disney Adventures is to cease publication.

- Zachary Quinto at least expects his Spock will have the old-style green-tinted skin. He may be wrong, of course.

- Paul Haggis had to plot Bond 22 at least twice. He thought his first plot was great, and then it got binned.
Meanwhile, Fernanda Lima and Juliana Paes are reportedly up for roles in the film.

- The Mist has been rated R. This isn't really news, is it? But Frank Darabont has ha
d to make it clear, to silence the fuss.

- The trailer to Shaolin Girl, a kind-of Shaolin Soccer semi-sequel is on YouTube. I found it through Film Junk.

- John August is writing and directing a story for Heroes: Origins. This spin-off will find it hard not to be better than the root series, I think, with some of the talent getting involved.

- Song of the South has had a public screening in the US and, at least the last time I checked, society hadn't started to crumble.

- My Name is Bruce is still not locked. We can expect some kind of release next year.

- GI Jonny wants you to know about HIV.

- Across the Universe is becoming a 'cult sensation' in the US, inspiring repeat viewings - I told you I'd go again and again if I could - and crazy-good word of mouth. It is, after all, the best film of this year, and one of the best of any year.

- Director David Hackl will soon start plotting out Saw V with scriptwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Apparently, Alexa Vega really wants a role in the film - and a role where she'll get offed, no less.

- The Swedish Brickfilm fest is tomorrow, featuring a number of films comprised only of Lego, typically stop-motion animated.

Just about bedtime. I'm very, very pleased that Across the Universe is taking off. Mark my words - its reputation and fanbase will only grow and spread and strengthen.

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