Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Some Old Bunch Of Grapes Edition

Lots and lots of good stuff in this Minesweeper, I think, so read it even more closely than normal.

- There's no denying it now - Cars 2 is in development.

- Xavier Gens has been fired from Hitman because the film is too violent for a PG-13 rating. Yet another case of execs snoozing through a production then waking up with a snort during post production. Nicolas De Toth has been charged with toning the film down, much as he did Die Hard 4.

- Jerry O'Flaherty has a history in videoga
me cutscenes. His new gig is the Thundercats film. Sounds about right. I wish cutscenes were better, I really do. So many good games have truly awful cutscenes.

- Old audio from Red Dwarf episodes has been given new animated visuals and released for download to mobile phones because, it seems, there's some sort of audience out there for anything.

- Nothing surprising about a second Disturbia getting to the planning stages, is there?

- Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany won't be starring in Born after all. Indeed, Connelly is suggesting the report was false to begin with.

- Michael C. Hall, star of the daft Dexter, has been given the villain's role in Neveldine and Taylor's Game.

- Vivian Vyle co-creator Tanya Byron is to report the findings of 'an independent review examing the risks to young people from exposure to violent video games'.

- According to Spielberg, there's a possibilty that he and Peter Jackson will co-direct the third Tintin film. That's if they don't hire another director. Lord, please let them hire another director. A Spielberg-Jackson co-directed film would make my brain leak out of my ears, the cognitive friction would be too much to handle. Personally, I would get Shyamalan on the phone right now. Spielberg also revealed that Shia LaBouef has signed on for 'multiple' Transformers films, and that he has opted to shoot Indy IV on film because 'great directors" of the past shot on film, and if it's good enough for them, then it's good enough for him. How he excuses his use of digital compositing, dolby stereo, CG animation and so on, then, I don't know.

- Paul WS Anderson has been telling Empire about his Long Good Friday Remake.

- Robert Englund is to star in Horror in the Wind, about an airborne agent that changes people's sexual orientation.

- Michel and Paul Gondry (father and son) are to co-direct an animated feature film based on Paul's artwork and the two of them's real life relationship.

- Infinite O.Z is a website devised to promote Tin Man.

- Tromaster Lloyd Kaufman has been made chairman of the International Film and Television Alliance.

- Gore Verbinski has said that "Western storytelling has run it's course, in a way". Oh, honestly. I didn't even think that after seven accumulated hours, or whatever it was, of Pirates.

- Meanwhile, Peter Greenaway has described cinema as 'dead' and 'a pathetic adjunct' to painting. Shall we not bother with Nightwatching or J'Accuse then Peter?

- Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star in the film of Farragut North, and George Clooney may direct. The Mike Nichols/Jake Gyllenhaal stage version sounds much more appealing to me.

- Odean Sky Filmworks are to distribute [REC] in the UK.

- Variety know just which filmmakers are coming along to present their films at this year's London Film Festival.

- Brad Silberling has signed on for Land of the Lost. Robert Rodriguez was circling the project some months ago, but apparently not any longer, eh? Will Ferrell is still in place to star and the budget has undergone a 20% shrink to 'just' $100 million.

- Mark Bowden is to adapt Hamilton Sides' I Am a Man, a 'compressed historical thriller' about the hunt for James Earl Ray after his assassination of Martin Luther King.

- John August has made his screenplay for The Nines available for download.

- Quincy Jones is teaming up with Genius Products and QD3 Entertainment to produce and acquire 'urban' feature films.

- That infamous pre-strike priority list has been updated. Lots of new films, some old ones gone, and some start dates in place.

- Bradley Whitford, Neve Campbell and Rupert Penry-Jones are to star in eco-political-thriller Burn Up, scripted by Simon Beaufoy and directed by Spooks' Omar Madha.


JV IS TIZ!!! PIXAR said...

Cars 2 bring it on!!! :D

Ben said...

I'm kind of with Greenaway on this one. Especially with Paul W Anderson remaking LGF,'multiple' Transformers films on the way and Fox making everything child friendly. My eyes! My precious eyes!

C. said...

Typical showboating from Greenaway, he's been saying this for years and it's still ridiculous. Saying that cinema is an outdated or pathetic artform because it doesn't participate with the audience or because of an adherence to traditional narrative is as silly as saying that painting has been made redundant because of photograpy. Or dismissing it because of that is just as shallow as saying that painting has been dead since Norman Rockwell.
Telling stories is one of the most primary objectives of any artform, and there's nothing wrong with that.
It's the way you tell them, that's what it's about.

Rickey Henderson said...

You are one seriously snobby blogger, ya know that? So what if Speilberg uses digital compositing, dolby stereo, and CG animation?

Just report the news and leave your pretentious opinions out of the equation. Enough with the snarky comments already.

Brendon said...

Rickey, if you'd like a different kind of blog, go read one. Or write your own.

It isn't as though I advertise film ick as anything other than it is.

And Spielberg's hypocrisy, mild and irrelevent as it is, is mine to mention should I so please.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Ricky. I dont always agree with Brandons opinions but their his and he should be allowed to make them. You fucking fascist.

Kevin-Lee said...

Re: Gens and Hitman

how prescient Timothy Olyphant's words were in the latest issue of Empire...

"When you think "videogame", you don't immediately make the connection to Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai, but that was the first thing Xavier said, and it caught me completely off guard. He was unapologetic about being a fan of the game, but he talked about John Woo's films and a fantastic Korean movie called A Bittersweet Life. Meanwhile, I was wondering if the studio really understood who it was they'd hired here."

Ben said...

The Hitman decision (if it's true) is about selling unrated dvds, plain and simple. Fox may be creatively bankrupt but they're good at getting money for old rope.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Omar Sharif's dead. I've always thought he had a face like the front end of a delivery van. I wouldn't've minded seeing him doing a cameo in Cars 2.

Rickey Henderson said...

Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions. It's the snobby tone that rubs many people the wrong way, that's all.

And also, FYI, I do write a blog. A damn fine one if I say so myself.