Thursday, October 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Yellow C-Stick Edition

- It looks like there's going to be flashback material in the Sex and the City film, or possibly dream sequence stuff because it seems to feature 20-years-back versions of each of the leads and I'm fairly sure they didn't all know each other in the first episode.

- Will Vin Diesel be the new Terminator? And is that before or after he reteams with Paul Walker for a fourth The Fast and the Furious?

- Casey Affleck isn't expecting an Ocean's 14.

- George Romero's son Cameron has begun production on his second film, Staunton Hill. Yes, it's a horror film. No, I don't believe it has zombies in it.

- Would the Halo film have been a smash? According to Keith Boesky, a video games industry analyst, it would have been a flop. While I can follo
w his argument and agree with this point - a Halo film would have been a money loser - I don't buy into all of his logic, I'm afraid. It doesn't successfully account for differences in perceived value between a night at the cinema and a video game that you'll play for hundreds of hours (at least in theory). Anyway, he does enough to show how a videogame property being a smash doesn't equate to a surefire ticket seller.

- JJ Abrams is behind the new ABC hourlong comedy, Boundaries. Jill Solloway is scripting.

- A Red Baron FX reel has appeared online. I saw the link at AintItCool.

- Michel Gondry has cast Steven Seagal's daughter in his segment of Tokyo. She eventually - SPOIELR ALERT! - tunrs into a chair. he says.

- A trailer for the Extras Xmas special reveals that David Tennant, Hale and Pace, George Michael, Lionel Blair, Clive Owen, Gordon Ramsay and Lisa Scott Lee will all be appearing.

- Michael Caine is to play an ailing illusionist in John Crowley's retirement-home feel good drama Is There Anybody There?

- Alan Tudyk seems to believe that another Firefly spin-off movie could be coming, even after Serenity grossly underperformed. I don't believe a word of it.

- The new Simpsons video game has had some of it's parodies removed at the request of other games manufacturers.

- Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are being named as directors of the Hellraiser remake. Their recent film Inside has garnered a whole heap of horror-quarter praise.

- Jamie Mathieson has had himself banned from MySpace and he wants the rets of us to follow him off.


droidguy1119 said...

Actually Whedon made the same comment on his own site when the DVD first came out that perhaps if it sells well enough Universal would fund a DTV sequel. Which is not to say that it is even remotely likely to happen yet, but there is some, even infinitely minor chance that the rumor has some weight.

Anonymous said...

The only way a Halo movie could be a success is if they'd include a multiplayer, that's the only reason the 2nd and the 3rd instalments of the game were ever successful in the first place.