Monday, October 08, 2007

Sacha Baron Cohen Turns Down Film That He Considers Too Controversial?

I've been e-mailed by at least two different Spanish readers of film ick this morning about the very same thing, so I can only assume it has made the press in Spain or been covered on their breakfast TV news or similar. Apparently, Sacha Baron Cohen has turned down a part in Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar's next film because he considered it too controversial a role. That marks it out as pretty darn controversial, I think. He's been pretty fearless up until now.

Almost nothing else is known about the film, though it is assumed to be on the subject of religion (as was The Others, in particular, but also a certain amount of Open Your Eyes). It seems likely to film next March, and Rachel Weisz is, I'm told, already onboard. Other than that... it's entirely top secret.

Each of AmenĂ¡bar's films so far has been better than the last, I reckon, and I really loved The Sea Inside - plus, I definitely love a bit of controversy too (don't we all, really?) so, of course, I'm dead keen to see this next one hurry along.

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