Saturday, October 13, 2007

Two Special Features For Next Year's Grind House Double Bill DVD Set Confirmed

The Hobo With a Shotgun trailer won the SXSW Grindhouse trailer contest. Not only have its makers now expanded it into a script (and if they can get the budget low enough, I'm sure they'll get the backing) they've also now signed a licensing deal for the trailer to appear on the Grind House 'box set', as they call it, next year.

Robert Rodriguez, on the other hand, calls it a double-disc set. At the end of his ten minute film school on the Planet Terror DVD (which I've had for over a week now but have been in no hurry to review because, while I enjoyed it a fair bit in places, I thought quite a number of its ideas and scenes were quite literally pathetic, and I would very possibly rank the film overall in the bottom two or three of Rodriguez' career) he announces very clearly that the next Grind House release is to feature his ten minute cooking school, in which he'll share the secrets of perfect barbeque.

And, of course, they are simply bound to include the other fake trailers in this set too - and it's probably also where the Ciro H. Santiago interview ended up... but what else will there be to make it worth our dollars? I'm hoping for lots and lots more.


filmickLova said...

I may have got the wrong end of the stick - but it seems like you're thinking that the Ten Minute Cooking School will just be a trailer / fake. He's actually done a Ten Minute Cooking School before, (as well as many Ten Minute Film School videos which have been included with various DVD releases).

The first Cooking School can be found on the Once Upon A Time In Mexico DVD; where he cooks up the Mexican stew featured in the film, (it's eaten by a Mr J Depp before he produces his fake arm!). At the end of that Cooking School the credits promise the next 'Ten Minute' School will be "The Ten Minute Fucking School" ... now THAT, might be a trailer / fake ... unless he can pursaude Rose McGowan to film some 'extras' with him :)

Of course, you could know all this already - in which sorry for wasting bandwidth! :))

Brendon said...

No, no, I knew it was a real cookery lesson.