Monday, April 03, 2006

Robert Rodriguez Is A Very Busy Boy

Between shooting Grindhouse/Grind House (which is it?) and prepping Sin City 2, you'd think Robert Rodriguez would be running low on steam. What about all of the guitar, kitchen and family time he needs? Exhausting.

On top of everything else, though, he's working on another project, and in medium we don't really associate him with.

And no, this time I'm not telling you an April Fool's story.

Under the tutelage of muralist George Yepes, Rodriguez is learning to paint. His first masterwork will be a portrait of his longtime muse, Salma Hayek - but not as herself, in character, as a goddess from Carlos Fuente's Terra Nostra.

The full story, with a Rodriguez e-mail interview, is being run by My San Antonio.

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Mark Kardwell said...

I just thought I'd bring the tone down by stating that I'd love to get Salma Hayek to pose for me, in the raw, too.