Monday, September 11, 2006

Images From David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE

Images from INLAND EMPIRE, direct from me to you - like a love letter, straight to your heart.


Anonymous said...

lol ... eventhough you may be scared this movie may suck, i cant wait to see anything mr. lynch has to offer .. i even sat through the whole dumbland dvd

Wiley said...

Those are probably full resolution too.

Ugh, DV.

zak forrest said...

y'all need to rekonize.. i saw this AMAZING film in the cinerama dome, afraid the DV blown up that size would be awful. i almost didnt go to the sneak screening becuase of that fear, i wanted to see it on a "normal" sized screen. anyways. i went. it was really amazing. the dv looked great. david harnesses and takes advantage of all dv has to offer, in all its crappiness and in all its glory. you really ride by the seat of his pants in this film, you get the sense of freedom he had when he made it. a feeling i dont get often in the cinema. maybe something people felt back in the day during cassevetes first films... i dunno. it was way more amazing than i coul dhave imagined... the film would not be as good as it was if it werent shot / produced the way that they made it. its this or nothing. choose this!!!!