Monday, December 15, 2008

Terry Gilliam Developing Zero Theorem

Pat Rushin's screenplay The Zero Theorem is currently undergoing development with director Terry Gilliam. Seeing as Gilliam's supposed next project - a remounting of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - depends somewhat on the compliance of one J. Depp, who is a very, very busy man, I think Zero Theorem has every chance of going before cameras next year...

Well, pending the development process, budgeting and funding... oh, and casting and scheduling.

But those things tend to take care of themselves, right?

This film would be somewhat smaller than the typical Gilliam project, in the way that The Fisher King was, for example (you know - the film with the magnificent and epic Waltz in Grand Central station and the chase with the flaming knight on horse back through the streets and parks of New York).

Rushin is an Associate Professor in the English dept. at the University of Central Florida. As well as several stories published in anthologies and magazines, Rushin also wrote the screenplay to a short film called Control, directed by Scott Hulan Jones... and so far, my trail goes cold there.

If Gilliam is seriously chewing over his screenplay, however, I can guarantee that it's a good one. Anybody got a copy? You know I want to read this really badly right now.

[EDIT: And Pat Rushin has now confirmed to me that, yes, he's working with Terry. He's a good man, though, and wouldn't leak me the script - of course! Which means I'll have to turn to other sources and start begging and promising favours and the like]

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