Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big News Day

Well, for me anyway. And I hope it works out very well for you too.

Expect to see me on the contributors roll of a big, well-read and rather nifty film website today.

Yep - it is one of the big ones. Yep - you most probably read it already. Yep - I'm going to be doing what I used to do over here but doing it over there now. Nope - I don't mean Forces of Geek, though I will still have Union Jacked there. Yep - you should start scouring the big sites in about.... oh.... eight hours after I post this? Maybe? Ish?

If you don't find me, I'll be back here in 24 hours or so to tell you exactly where to look.

And... er... though this sounds like the death knell for film ick, it really isn't.

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