Wednesday, October 07, 2020

 It is now 2020 and I haven't written anything new for Film Ick in many years.

Everything has changed, really. The world seems to have crashed into a wall. And then burst into flames. And then collapsed into a pile of dust. But I think we can fix it. Together. I hope so, anyway.

I have written for lots of other sites since I was last posting here. Some were horrendous and I regret having anything to do with them, some were... well, some were better once upon a time. Some are still good, and I'm proud to contribute to and Vodzilla.Co today, even if I can't really give them polished content of the kind they really deserve.

I'm blogging here today, though - completely unsure as to who might see this, or how - to flag up an Audio Drama series that I have created. I would love people to find it and listen to it.

It's called Circles, it's all-ages friendly in terms of language but it's definitely coming out in the run-up to Halloween on purpose.

You can find it, or find out more, at

If you do see this message in a bottle, I'm so glad you're out there. Thanks for reading Film Ick now, then, whenever.

So... should I start this old blog up again, do you think?

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