Tuesday, April 04, 2006

America's Cinemas Mapped And Rated

The Alert Dude Theater Finder is a very, very useful page.

Simply by entering a zip code and search radius, you can see all of the cinemas in the area, where they are, what is playing there and when, have these listings mailed to you or a friend, and rate the cinemas for the benefit of future users.

If you ever find fault with it, please let me know. As far as I can see, however, it works perfectly, and I've shuffled it to the top of my bookmarks. Kudos, Alert Dude.

I've also recorded a review on the site for every branch of the Cleveland Cinemas chain, to let the world know how dreadful their quality of presentation is, and for that matter, why. I know American cinema patrons don't seem to think they have any rights, but they do, and they shouldn't take the bad customer service, substandard projection, sound quality and overpricing any more.


George said...

I definitely agree with you guy. I tried to rent theater from them (their business) and they BARELY got back to me. No one knew what they were doing, everyone was all over the place with price quotes and eventually i got tired of them and went with Regal Cinemas. Sure it's a bit more pricey, but so far I've gotten a million times better quality and service.

Brendon said...

I trust that you'll be giving the Regal 16 in Crocker Park a good score, then.

The place isn't perfect, but it's certainly got the best auditoria for miles around.