Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Casting Call For The Balance

I've got a draft of the script that is, at least, a solid foundation to build on, so the casting call for my short film The Balance has gone out. It read:

Itsy Bitsy Productions is looking to cast two key roles for the short film The Balance. Shooting will take place later in April, over two evenings.

The available parts are:
A woman, playing late 30s or early 40s;
A man, playing mid-30s to 50.

Both roles will require the performers to handle some sensitive, emotional material with subtlety.

Auditions will take place on the evening of Saturday, April 15th, starting at 6:30 p.m. and on the afternoon of Sunday, April 16th, starting at 12:30 p.m.

Please send a head shot and any further information you have in order to book an audition.

Thank you.

And within five minutes, there were two promising responses in my inbox.

As I write, more are coming in.

The draft of the script that I have, right here, right now, certainly isn't finished, but all of the mechanics are in place, everything has the right underlying skeleton and the only remaining issue is getting the dialogue to feel entirely natural, and to run at the right clip to keep in step with the necessary pacing.

For a while, as I was drafting, most of the horror was leached out of the script, and it became more of a straight domestic drama. Now, though, the horrific elements are back. Nothing much changed in the plot for this to happen, it was simply down to emphasis.

I'm pretty sure the lead is cast. He's a great actor, and I've worked with him a couple of times before. His schedule is getting busier, however, as he's been given a role in a Stateside remake of a British comedy show. I hope he can fit The Balance in. He is exactly what I need.

My budget - in case you were wondering - is pretty much nothing. The shooting schedule is just a couple of evenings. That's the obvious trivia out of the way - does anybody have any other questions?

I feel like real strides are being made towards shooting. It feels good.

I have posted on The Balance previously, and will post more frequently now pre-production is to begin in earnest.

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