Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Catch Up On The Edukators

The news is out that Brad Anderson is to adapt The Edukators. He previously made Session 9, The Machnist, Happy Accidents, every one rather ho-hum.

Not seen the original Hans Weingartner version? Then why not catch up a little with six minutes from the opening of the film. If you like that chunk, then the whole thing is available to rent or buy on DVD now.

I rather liked it - Looper were on the soundtrack and the Jules et Jim stuff was downplayed more than it usually is. At the very least, The Edukators is a rather zeitgeisty film, in the way The Matrix, Fight Club or Desperately Seeking Susan were.

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berque said...

the edukators is a great movie, everyone should rent the german version of it and watch it, ppl, you'll not get dissapointed. And the remake, i cant say i'm so comfortable about that? Why would day remake a perfect movie? It doesnt make any sense to watch a copy...