Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Good Week For Patient Horror Fans

Two pieces of good news for a pair of delayed horror movies, and the fans awaiting them.

First of all, note that today The Dark is released on DVD. This is the new film from John Fawcett, the director of Ginger Snaps. He's not working with the wonderful Karen Walton this time - her Snaps script is amongst the best genre offerings of the last ten years, at least - but I'm still very keen to see the film. Netflix, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, or better still, a local independent video store should all be able to help you.

Secondly, pay particularly close attention if you are a citizen of the Netherlands. On Monday night, the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival are holding the world premiere of Lucky McKee's The Woods. Starring Agnes Bruckner and Patricia Clarkson, the film also boasts - literally, boasts - an appearance by Bruce Campbell.

Check out the trailer for The Woods. I hope the film finds its way to English speaking shores soon, if only straight to DVD, as per The Dark.

Without a doubt, they both deserve full cinema distribution, but in a world where Bubble pretty much bombs on the few screens for which it manages to even get a play date, and Tideland can't get anything like a good shout in most markets, I'm starting to feel more and more pessimistic about big screen distribution overall.

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