Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lucky McKee: Music And Movies Double Update

Lucky McKee, the director of May, hasn't had too easy a time of it, professionally speaking. His second film The Woods is still unreleased, caught in the MGM/Sony shuffle (but the trailer is below, and it's fine, so enjoy). He directed a season one episode of Masters of Horror called Sick Girl, and it was one of the best, turning a dubious premise into one of the year's best hours of TV. Still, as yet, he's not been confirmed for season two. And his proposed next film project, an adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Red also appears to have stalled. All in all, McKee has the skills, but not the breaks, to really make a mark.

So what are his fans to do? Well, first of all, there's Roman, a semi-sequel to May. It's often described as a "conceptual follow up", not sharing characters or continuity. Angela Bettis, who played May, has directed Roman, from a script by Lucky, who also stars in the title role. That has been completed, but I've no idea where and when it will be screening - it could be some time before we get to see a single frame.

While we're waiting for that (and after we're done looping the trailer for The Woods), I guess there's always The Disastronauts.

Nope, not a film. A band. With an awful name. They were Lucky's college hobby, by the sounds of things. He sang and played guitar, alongside Jaye Luckett on bass and also on vocals, and Tom Allen on drums. Courtesy of Jaye, the band now have a belated MySpace page, on which you'll be able to hear a sample of their sounds.

It's not a lot - in fact, it's virtually nothing - but when you're a Lucky McKee fan waiting for more moving pictures, you have to take what scraps there are. Fingers crossed he doesn't always have this much trouble getting projects off the ground.

Finally, as promised, right here is the trailer for The Woods.

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