Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grind House Shut Down?

According to gossips on one Grind House forum, Robert Rodriguez' half of the film has been shut down for an indefinite period. Reasons cited include budget and schedule overruns, neither of which seem to ring true to me, and, sadly, a potential loss in the Rodriguez family. There's no official news, and this may all be completely fabricated, perhaps a delayed April Fool's joke, on the part of a forum member.

If anything is going down at all - even if there isn't a personal tragedy behind this - Rodriguez can't be having the best of time. I hope everything gets back on track for him as soon as possible and that whatever problems he's encountering can be ironed out smoothly. He doesn't deserve this.

Hats off to Jo Blo for alerting me to the forum in the first place.

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