Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jon Heder In Loudermilk

Jon Heder will star in Loudermilk, and produce it with his brothers Dan and Doug. Seems you can be a movie producer these days if you only have a brother with a funny drawl. Good to see the requirments have been stepped up a little.

The Hollywood Reporter tell us that the project is set up at Universal, and that the script was written by Chris Bowman, but reveal nothing about the film's storyline or premise. I have a dream that it's about Linda Loudermilk joining the band Loudermilk and pulling a heist on the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta. Chances are, though, it'll just be the name of the lead character, and the film could really have been called anything - Smith, Jones, Patterson, Ng. Further to this, I expect the film to have, at best, a flimsy and underdeveloped, potentially rather formulaic plot on which is suspended a number of fairly amusing skits and asides, all in the service of creating a quotable, pseudo-iconic central character.

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