Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pidgeon Post

Seems that Pixar story artist Jeff Pidgeon is wishing hard for Tideland to get a US release too. Maybe if I round up everybody in the blogosphere who wants to see this film unleashed, get them alltogether in a football stadium and have them channel their brainwaves...

Okay. I'll get a grip now.

Those darn Pixar story artists. They're a crazy talented lot.

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Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hi Brendon! Thanks for linking to my blog.
It's been a rough ride for Gilliam fans lately, and I'm hoping the best Gilliam film we'll get treated to in the last ten years will be Tideland and not Lost In La Mancha. I didn't realize that the former didn't even have a US distributor yet. Looks like there's even more hoping to do! -- Jeff