Monday, April 03, 2006

Simon Pegg Needs A Second Pair Of Hands

A music photographer, who is appearing as an extra in Hot Fuzz, may also be standing in for Simon Pegg's hands.


I have no idea why - but do you? Will Pegg's copper be sidelining as a snapper? Or will the completion bond guarantors not let him punch Paddy Considine (maybe) for himself?

Chances are, the chap just has Pegg-y hands and Pegg would better serve the schedule by getting on with skidding his bike, jumping through plate glass windows, and all that other rough-and tumble-stuff, not just modelling for tight inserts of typing and spooning sugar into tea.

I know, I know - this is hardly news at all. But Hot Fuzz, man - Hot Fuzz.

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Mark said...

My latest HOT FUZZ non-story: I've got a customer who's a dead ringer for Peggy. He's a lithuanian called "Hebert". Interesting, huh?

No, come back...