Sunday, April 02, 2006

Take Hart For The Son Of Rambow

The official site for Hammer and Tongs' Son of Rambow - or, maybe now, it seems, Son of Rambo - is online. It's a very intriguing site, and it probably hasn't taken any form you could have expected. Canny boys, this Hammer chap and his friend Tongs. They certainly know how to make me pay attention.

Visitors to the site are being invited to submit crayony, kid-styled art, as per the 80s BBC TV show Take Hart, that explores the themes inherent in the title Son of Rambo - that is to say, muscle-bound and poodle-permed uzi toters, rounding up Afghans and saving the world. In legwarmers.

There's a detailed brief on the site, as well as a number of tone-setting examples from some "celebrated contemporary illustrators."

Good luck.

There's more from me on Son of Rambow around the site.

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm that one bit of hot gossip on the Cannes Croisette this year is about Garth Jennings and his wonderful script Son of Rambow. Status is this: film is attracting sales agents and backers and looks set to be all that Wonder Boys and Stand By Me were and more. Celluloid Dreams very excited by it and taking it out and about. Watch this space.