Sunday, April 09, 2006

Simon Pegg's Hand Model Reveals... Not Much

Here's another Hot Fuzz non-story from me, just for the obsessive.

Simon Pegg's hand model (as mentioned previously) has been completing his duties, and giving away only the bare miniumum of details.

Scratch from his report what you can. I didn't scratch much at all, but, anyway, here are my questions:

Is there really a suggestion that, for some reason, Hot Fuzz will contain a montage of shots in which Nicholas Angel signs his name again and again and again? Does he go on a spending spree? Is there a lot of bureaucracy for him to cut through, filling out forms all over the place? Does he become infamous and have to autograph a whole lot?

All I really know is, that I want that chap to write Nicholas Angel on a piece of paper and mail it to me. What a geeky collector's item that would be.

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Mark said...

Well, this guy is a music photographer, but anyone could fake taking photos, right? So maybe the clue is the "music" bit: maybe this guy is doubling for close-ups of Peggy miming a musical instrument? With a name like "Nick Angel", the character must be up for some jazz fusion on an unwieldy five-string bass.