Monday, July 03, 2006

All Wong

I saw the above snap, the first image from Wong Kar Wai's next film, knocking about pretty much unheralded on Jo Blo's "Hottie Recap". That's Norah Jones and Jude Law you can see there - so which one is supposed to be the "hottie", I wonder?

The film is called My Blueberry Nights, and so, I imagine, will be the spin-off album's lead track. I can almost tast... er, hear it now.

Mmmmm. Blueberries.

I guess that my assumptions that neither Jones nor Law have been, are now, or will be turning in a good, subtle performance on this movie will go unproven until the film is finished (and if 2069 is anything to go by that should be in around... well, 2069). Oh me of little faith. Perhaps I should have more trust in Wong.

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Mark said...

Mmm, Norah Jones. She's like a hot Rachel Weisz.