Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Comicon Scouts Needed

I'm not going to Comicon. Boo hoo. But are you?

If you are, then get in touch ASAP. I have a proposition to put to you. Essentially, I would like to give you a nice place to vent, somewhere you can report all you see at Comicon, all you like, all you don't like.

At least as long as it falls within the film ick mandate. Have a look around - see what kind of stuff we cover here. Basically - very basically - it is anything to do with moving pictures.

Best of all, if you can sneak me some spy photos or sneaky video, then I will love you forever. Be my eyes and ears.

If you would like to be film ick's special Comicon correspondant, then drop me a line. Everything I run that comes from you will be credited very clearly to you, should you wish - and if you want me to link all mentions of you somewhere special, that won't be a problem either. If on the other hand you were thinking money might be involved, then sadly, you'd have to find me some money first.

1 comment:

Mark said...

If it's currently too unbearably hot in Ireland right now, what the hell'd it be like in San Friggin' Diego?

Suddenly, the frozen New York Con doesn't seem so horrendous.