Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Frank Miller To Be Humbled At The Feet Of Eisner

Don't get me wrong, I love Frank Miller as much as the next spod, but - boy oh boy - will he have his work cut out for him here.

Variety are reporting that Miller is to write and direct the movie version of The Spirit, Will Eisner's most beloved comic strip. The two teamed up for the book Eisner/Miller, a definite must read for any comics fan - but by the last page, I was left feeling Eisner had left Miller in the dust.

Batfilms and Odd Lot Entertainment will produce, and that all seems very fitting. Expect the big fanfare announcement at Comicon, I'd guess, where it might just get lost amongst the louder, more expensive, more mainstream trumpeting of nonsense like The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, now with added Doug Jones.

In a way, this is all very bad news. It means that Brad Bird and Pixar won't be making a Spirit film any time soon. Of course, there was never any real suggestion that they were going to be, even if the idea did get raised in an issue of Time magazine. Nope, nothing concrete, just a wish and a prayer and a presiding notion that if we want to see a good version of Eisner's strip, that's about the only place we're guaranteed it.

Frank Miller is in for a bumpy ride.

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Mark said...

Frank's comments on THE SPIRIT didn't fill me with optimism. "It will be much scarier than people expect"? Oh dear. Funny? Yes. Sexy? Maybe. Scary? Dunno. Eisner experimented with the form of his strip almost weekly for several years, but I don't remember it ever being that scary.

Ah, y'never know. He was close enough to the man to maybe know his wishes about adapting the material. Plus, Miller never skimped on nicking visual ideas from Eisner for DAREDEVIL.