Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daniel Waters Watch

Sex and Death 101 has wrapped. Once cut together and through post, it will be the new film written - and less importantly, really, directed - by Daniel Waters, screenwriter of Heathers.

Heathers is the greatest script ever produced.

Waters' script A Model Daughter is the greatest script never produced.

Sex and Death 101 is, therefore, very much something to look forward to. Read more about it in older, cobwebbier parts of film ick.

As a footnote, both Entertainment Weekly and Jo Blo are currently rehashing old quotes from Ryder and Waters about the possibility of a Heathers sequel. The exact quotes they use come, I'm pretty sure, from the Swatch Dogs And Diet Coke Heads documentary on Anchor Bay's Heathers DVD.

Sex and Death 101 is due out in 2007, where only Spider-Man 3, Be Kind Rewind and Ratatouille have already been pencilled into release schedules as any kind of serious competition in the imaginary contest to be my favourite film of the year.

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