Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day Of the Dead Remake Lumbering On

Steve Miner's desecration of The Day of the Dead starts shooting in Romania any week now. Oh, yippee.

The new announcement tells us that Mira Sorvino* has been cast, as has Ving Rhames, who, wouldn't you know it, was in Dawn of the Dead mk 2 also. So maybe he's feeling bullish, seeing as Zack Snyder somehow pulled that one off.

Well, he did fairly well. The first ten minutes in particular were very good indeed. And the star-spotting game.

Somebody should tell Ving that there's a whole world of difference between Steve Miner and Zack Snyder. I've said it before, and I will say it again - until I saw the work of Sean McNamara, I honestly thought Steve Miner was the least competent director working in "above ground" cinema.

*EDIT: Apparently, Mena Suvari - and not Mira Sorvino - will appearing. This film's prospects appear to be sliding about all over the whole bad-to-worse end of the scale.

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