Thursday, July 20, 2006

Del Toro's Deadman

After Blade 2 (a genuine milestone in action cinema) and Hellboy (very sweet) Guillermo Del Toro's latest comic-book adaptation is going to be Deadman. That leaves Halo wide open for De... er... somebody they're going to announce soon.

So, now then, now then, how's about a bit of Doug Jones for Boston Brand?

Don Murphy is producing. He has a habit of ruining these things. These things being films. Here's hoping GDT reverses the Murphy curse.


Mark said...

I've got out the tarot cards, and it turns out this and DOOM PATROL will both suck.

Who wudda guessed?

ColScott said...

Don Murphy has a habit of Runing these things? Like using runes?
God you are an arrogant and stupid limey. Dole much?

Brendon said...

Please don't call me ignorant then simply characterise me by my nationality. It seems ignorant.