Thursday, July 20, 2006

Luther Arkwright Lost In The Rush

In the next three or four days something like eight hundred and thirty eight comic book to feature film adaptations are going to be announced. Most will have big name directors attached, maybe even stars, certainly a lot of studio money.

In the rush, many people will overlook The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

The classic Brian Talbot series, that ran for 12 years on, 9 years off and another issue on, is being primed for the realm of moving images by Benderspink Entertainment. No director or writer has been announced yet (I'm not that busy, if Mr.or Mrs. Benderspink Entertainment fancy getting in touch) but while Comicon reigns, the comic news pours and this is the time to make these announcements, ready or not.

In the audio play adaptation Luther came to us courtesy of David Tennant, but I dare say he's a little tied up in the Tardis these days. A shame, as he's not bad casting at all.

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Mark said...

Go back in time, snatch Nic Roeg from the dawn of the eighties, and get him to direct it.