Monday, July 03, 2006

Elvis Is In Hot Fuzz

Repeat: Elvis is in Hot Fuzz.

No, not the real Elvis - he's dead. And don't think this is some kind of True Romance ghost-Elvis, either.

This is a swan called Elvis. He comes from "half an hour from Oxford", which, I think means Heythrop, actually. Apparently he's "quite prominently" featured in Hot Fuzz. Maybe he gets eaten by assylum seekers and the backwards, thuggish cops of Sandford go out on a roaring rampage of revenge?

Or maybe not. S'been so long since my last Hot Fuzz update that just about anything is better than nothing.

There's a cat called Elvis, I think, at the heart of the proto-Looper Belle and Sebastian song A Century of Elvis, unless I've completely misunderstood the (admittedly rather eliptical) lyrics. Any B&S fans out there able to confirm or deny?

Anyway, some of Elvis' stablemates - not quite literally, they'd eat eachother - are themselves appearing in Stardust. There are Wolves - one of which was trained to stunt-bite an actor - mandrills, lemurs, a hyena, porcupines, raccoons and an alligator.

Half an hour from Oxford is clearly the place to be if you're a wee beastie wanting to hit the big time.

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