Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ever Decreasing Grind House Circles

The latest of the Grind House bombshells in a seemingly neverending blitz, reveals just why Rose McGowan is in both Tarantino's Death Proof and Rodriguez' Proj... er... Planet Terror.

Simply, Planet Terror is a film within the film Death Proof. Now, don't get me wrong - they are still seperate films, and they come one after the other, not one inside the other like gut-splattered Russian cheerleader dolls, but when you are watching Death Proof, well, in the world that story takes place in, Planet Terror is nothing but a movie.

McGowan's split role will see her playing both Cherry in Planet Terror and the actress who plays Cherry in Death Proof.

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Mark said...

Didn't QT say something similar about KILL BILL, that within the RESERVOIR DOGS/PULP FICTION universe, it was a movie that was showing there?

Or did I dream that?

Brendon said...

Yep, Kill Bill was a film that would have been made in the Pulp Fiction diagesis. Allegedly.

And he also noted Jackie Brown was a film from a whole other world, the Leonardverse.

Mark said...

Presumably the same Leonardverse as GET SHORTY and OUT OF SIGHT. But not BE COOL.

Plus, that guy reads too many comics.