Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shock Grind House Follow Up

Further to yesterday's thrilling Grind House news, I can now report, and sadly, that Mickey Rourke will apparently NOT be playing Stuntman Mike in Death Proof. The role seemed tailor made for him, but then so did Bill for Warren Beatty.

Also note that Rose McGowan's character in Death Proof now appears to be, as a matter of fact, her character from Project Terror, Cherry. Depending on which plotline is supposed to take place first, you can expect to see her with both of her original legs, or just one, and a weird kind of spare. Trust me - that'll make sense when you see the movie(s).

Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but you got this news from the Grind House Forum, so credit your fucking source you moronic cunt

Brendon said...

First of all, I didn't have to publish this comment. It could have gone unpublished, very easily.

I published by way of crediting the forum which, it now appears, think they "own" this news.

Well, they don't.

And, in fact, the forum was not my source. Though I have been there since, and left a comment or two on the matter, and seen, yes, that they are running this story.

So what's the deal? Why are the Grind House forum trying to Empire build? We'll never know, I guess.

I am assuming that my source is either a) their source or b) using the forum as their source.

Either way, I checked the news out with a few folks, and it was, pretty much, confirmed, so I ran it.

But there's plenty on the forum that hasn't been confirmed, so I haven't touched that. Possibly because it isn't true, possibly because they have better sources than me.

Either way, as they say in Brazil, we're all in it together.

Which is what makes the language in the comment above so particularly disappointing. Empty aggression? Ah well. Water off a duck's back, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

This site sucks and anyone who supports the Grindhouse Forum is a fucking retard.

Brendon said...

Okay... this post hasn't exactly turned into the most dignified set of comments. Any of more errudite readers happy to get involved?

Surely somebody has something interesting and polite to say?

Anonymous said...

Erudite... I love that word. Although it only has one R.. sokay tho. Thanks for the post.

The internet is like the bathroom wall in middle school... anyone can post anything, regardless to their level of intelligence.

You said something about seeing the movie and it making sense... does that mean that you've read the script? If so, can I?

Brendon said...

I haven't seen the script, sadly - but I know a man who has, at least in part.

They've given me a pretty solid run down of all they read. At least allegedly read, but they're a good source, I trust them, they are usually right.

Sorry for the typo in erudite. I tend not to find typos so offensive or mock-worthy, but there you go. To each their own.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't mocking... I apologize if it came off that way. The word isn't used that often and I applaud any usage of an uncommon adjective... where I'm from "fuckin" is the most used adjective.

Mark said...

Slinging insults whilst hiding behind the anonymous moniker is also somewhat moronic and you could very well add cowardly to that roster as well.

Why not face up and credit your feeble, illiterate and vocabulary starved comments? We all have a right to say what we feel but there is more weight added to a critique if it is delivered with some skill and applomb. Calling someone names and twisted labels only seeks to undermine your voice.

Grow up and try and graduate, there is a big world outside your bedroom window and Superman duvet, Anonymous.