Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Loony Lefties Of The Rings?

Seems that Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Ian McKellen have been upsetting right-wing pro-lifers.

Homophobic right-wing pro-lifers at that.


Anonymous said...

Seems that Life Site has been upsetting left-wing pro-abortionists.

Christophobic left-wing pro-abortionists at that.

Brendon said...

I'm not necessarily pro-abortion, and I'm certainly not Christophobic.

Atheist, yes, Christophobic, no.

Mark said...

My R.E teacher told me when I was 16 that if you're not with Christ, you're with the anti-christ. Agnostics, atheists, hindus, jews, muslims: we're all working against Christ, whether we know it or not.

Crazy old buzzard. And I've been down with my homeboy Satan ever since.