Monday, July 10, 2006

Michael Chabon's Fantastic Four And X-Men Movies

Over on his site right now, you can read all about Michael Chabon's plans for Fantastic Four and X-Men movies. His F4 is rather like Alan Moore's 1963 - which he admits, while his X-Men is startlingly different to Singer's take, and certainly the debacle of Ratner's "vision".

Chabon won a Pulitzer for The Amazing Adventures of Kavlier and Clay and made key contributions to the script of Spider-Man 2, so seeing his ideas for how other Marvel characters should be realised is very exciting stuff.

Of course, don't you know it, both of his treatments have long since been rejected.

What is left on the Marvel slate for him now? Maybe he can take control of this new Hulk film? Yeah, maybe. And maybe I can just dream on.

Thanks to Kim Voynar for the links.

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Mark said...

Being a big, longtime Chabon fan, I'd read these a good while ago, and yeah, his FF pitch was particularly on-the-money, and predated the quite similar THE INVISIBLES, the movie that really sank my interest in a live action FF (which I've been avoiding like the plague, but will probably relent and watch whenever it airs on Sky Movies).