Monday, July 10, 2006

Neil Marshall On The Hulk?

Are the rumours true? Anybody out there know if Neil Marshall is really being courted to take on The Incredible Hulk after he shoots Outpost, or Doomsday, or whatever it ends up being called?

Blimey. That's only one step away from Jake West getting the gig.

But then, David Yates landed Harry Potter, and Anand Tucker had his hands on Dark Materials, for a while at least.
I guess we'll find out the truth at Comic-con.

EDIT: I'm now hearing that, actually, Timur Bekmambetov is the front-runner for the gig. He is the director of Nightwatch, Daywatch and the imminent third chapter About Half-Past Eight In The Evening Watch. Again, can anybody confirm or deny? Have both of these names been pitching for the film? Was one previously attached but latterly removed?

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Mark said...

Well, giving Spidey to a director perceived as a horror movie guy worked, then why not The Hulk? It is, after all, a variation on Jeckyll & Hyde.

The Ang Lee versh wasn't irredeemably bad, but the new origin story had one fatal flaw - in the original material, Banner becomes The Hulk due to a heroic, self-sacrificing, act. Harder to sympathise with a Banner whose curse doesn't arise from these virtues.