Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Grind House Fakery

The Grind House news keeps coming to me. I feel blessed.

Now I'm hearing that there's yet another level of fakery to Planet Terror, beyond the dropped frames, post-induced scratches and "lost reel" shenanigans. Apparently, once Planet Terror is finished, and the credits roll - the credits we see are going to be fake.

Instead of Rose McGowan being credited as Cherry, for example, the role will be credited to the actress Rose McGowan is playing in Death Proof. Nobody can confirm her name - maybe as it hasn't been cemented yet, or maybe because there's still a chance this plan will be canned and she'll be called Rose, just like the way Zoe Bell is playing Zoe.

The plan is, however, that after all is said and done and both films are concluded - over three hours from when they began - then will come the real credits. Hopefully this will be enough to avoid any conflict with SAG, say, or any other union who could make all the difference between plans A and B.

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