Tuesday, July 25, 2006

About Time Too: Lucky McKee's Woods Headed To DVD

From October, you'll be able to buy Lucky McKee's The Woods on DVD. Sadly, you'll probably never have another chance to see it in a cinema. This is the man's own Magnificent Ambersons, a film meddled with and then shelved, passed about from distributor to distributor before finally limping out under cover of marketing darkness.

The DVD appears to be entirely free of special features, which is so often the way when the film has been badly handled. Of course, whenever a film or filmmaker has been disresepcted in this way the potential for truly great supplementary materials increases. Deleted scenes, alterative endings, even a Director's Cut and a candid commentary, perhaps a documentary history of the butchery - this stuff will shift copies that otherwise wouldn't move, I'm sure. Can't the studios take a hit to their pride for the promise of dollars, even?

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Anonymous said...

studios dont give a shit about extras they just want to make more $$$