Friday, July 14, 2006

Renovation At The Grind House

[EDIT: Keep reading to the very bottom. There's a new casting gem to be enjoyed...]

Not only will Rose McGowan be appearing in Robert Rodriguez' Project Terror, she'll also be popping up in Death Proof, Tarantino's half of the Grind House package. She joins Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

No idea yet what role Ms. McGowan has, but trust me, she's in there, it's a fact. The gossips amongst you are bound to spell out exactly how and why she's getting this double-duty in the comments section below.

Project Terror has pretty much wrapped, with no "first unit-style" work to be done, while Death Proof is yet to really get moving.

The original script for Death Proof, some details of which have leaked, and the dialogue from which has been regulalry criticised, has apparently just undergone a bout of rewriting. I hear that there have been a number changes made to the dialogue - and now, reportedly, not only is Tarantino happier, so are his confidants and colleagues. I don't know, yet, just how much has changed, or if, in fact, there have also been any plot or structural changes.

Death Proof has a fairly radical structure, shifting emphasis quite suddenly part way through in a way that has brought a lot of comparison to Psycho. I think that conceit is quite safe.

[And here comes that update...]

There's also a part, I have just been informed, for one Quentin Tarantino. He's playing a character called, simply, The Rapist. Wonder what he's like, then?

After this and Richie Gecko in From Dusk Til Dawn, you could be excused for thinking Rodriguez wasn't trying to tell us something about his chum. Tarantino might not be the best actor in the world but I reckon he can pull this one off in fine style - he certainly knows the pitch of these films perfectly.

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Yeah shes a homebreaker and broke up Rodriguez marriage and I wouldnt be surprised if Tarantino isnt after her too.

Anonymous said...

Dude that is such a load of tabloid bull and your an idiot for believing it!

Hairy Bowels said...

you retarded dipshits are not entitled to an opinion...

btw it's not project terror, it's planet terror, and it hasn't wrapped yet . . .

you don't know what you're talking about, and further more you shouldn't be talking about it... if RR wanted people to know, he'll drop the info himself.

the first rule of Grind House is, you do NOT talk about Grind House - haha

save the planet & kill yourself

Brendon said...

Okay, first of all, it was referred to Project Terror for months - until the Comicon poster reset the clock. That includes over at the "beloved" Grind House forum.

Secondly, killing myself wouldn't save the planet.

I'm constantly amazed how inane a lot of the Grind House related comments are.

Principle photgraphy is done.