Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pixar's Journey Of Pain

This years Screenwriting Expo - up there in LA, October 19th through 25th - has an entire day devoted to Pixar's artful storytelling. Good. Visitors might learn something.

At 10am, Andrew Stanton will assist you in "Understanding Story", alternatively titled "My Journey of Pain". He's the sharpest, and probably most cynical mind, in the upper echelons of Pixar, but there's not much he doesn't know about the art of story structure.

Then, at 2pm, there's the "Creative Storytelling Panel" known as "The Writer/Director Relationship at Pixar". The listed director writer teams include Lee Unkrich and Mike Arndt; Brenda Chapman and Irene Mecchi; and Gary Rydstrom and Kiel Murray. That set of pairings is, if you know who any of these folk are and what they normally do, a nice set of scoops in and of itself.

4pm brings the "Trust the Process Panel" with Pixar Story artists. Mark Andrews, Jim Capobianco, Ronnie Del Carmen and Jason Katz are your gracious, witty, expert panelists.

Finally, at 6pm, Brad Bird and Mark Andrews host "Creating The Incredibles", which pretty much speaks for itself.

If you can go, then go - so register now.

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