Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sam Raimi On Spider-Man 3... And 4

Variety have previewed this weeks Comicon, where Spider-Man 3 (the best film of 2007?) is set to steal the show, by lightly profiling Sam Raimi and getting a few choice quotes.

At the end of the piece they ask "whether Raimi and the web-slinger will join forces again".

He replies, "At this point, I'm absolutely open but it would be the studio's choice, and the film would have to be profitable, and who knows any of those things -- or if the studio even wants me."

So, I think that settles it. One day, after Wee Free Men and maybe Evil Dead Apocalypse, we'll get our Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4 (the best film of 2011?)

A second Variety piece - is it Raimi day down there? - focuses on his collaborative spirit and ambitions for the Spider-Man series.

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