Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gwen Stacy Is Aching

Apparently, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Raimi have been having casual talks about teaming up again once Spider-Man 3 is wrapped, this time on The Wee Free Men, an upcoming adaptation of Terry Pratchett's fantasy novel.

This hasn't been confirmed - at all - and only came to me through a visitor to film ick who was brought in by all of my very hot Spider-Man 3 scoopage. This visitor may be having me on - but I'm not sure we should necessarily just assume that they are. It seems like a good idea, for one thing, and it does sound like something Raimi might do, as well as a role that Bryce might be interested in. Or, possibly, pair of roles, in fact.

The key part she would be playing is that of Tiffany Aching, a neophyte Witch who teams up with hordes of six-inch tall, blue-skinned highlanders (think Braveheart by way of The Smurfs) to battle a deluge of magical monsters. The other role is the ring leader of these enchanted beasties, an Evil Elf Queen. Possibly - just possibly - this might be a piece of split casting, with the same actress in both roles - if there's a script out there, it might contain some kind of confirmation, but I haven't managed to get my hands one, and I doubt there's little more than a treatment at this stage, anyway.

Again, none of this came from a tried source, or a tested one, even. I just liked the sound of it, and I thought you might too.

[EDIT: Seems that Aching is out of the question - being only 9 years old or so - but the Evil Elf Queen is still a possibility]


Anonymous said...

Bryce Dallas Howard is waaay to old to play Tiffany Aching.
Tiffany is a little 9 yr old girl, Bryce is 26 this year.

So maybe the elf queen...
...and with it being a Raimi film, if Bruce Cambell can do a pseudo-scottish accent he would be cool for Rob Anybody of the Nac Mac Feegle!

Brendon said...

Thanks for that tip. Maybe it's a motion capture thing? or maybe somebody was pulling my leg...