Thursday, July 27, 2006

We Are The Strange

Cartoon Brew pointed me towards We Are The Strange, a very idiosyncratic animated feature film in the "Str8nime" style.

That's "Str8nime", or, as I have helpfully been informed, Strange+ 8 Bit + Anime. This is almost certainly the first, last and only feature film to so loudly proclaim it's "Str8nime" stylings.

The plot of We Are The Strange is simplistic to the point of virtual non-existance. Two characters - the titular strange - are confronted by the oddities and evils of a perverse, fantastical city.

While on the way to the Ice Cream shop.

Erm. Yes. Harold and Kumar's Acid Trip Animation, anyone?

Some of the animation in the trailer is more impressive than the rest, but it's the film's purpose, integrity and depth that worries me most - on current evidence it appears to be very light on all three. When I get to see the whole thing, I'll let you know if I've been proven wrong or not.

[EDIT: See the comments for suggestion that, yes, in fact, I will be proven very wrong. Can't wait to find out now.]

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mdotstrange said...

Referrer bots led me here... "Your worries" are unwarranted, as I cannot divulge much of the plot at this point...I guarantee it will have more purpose, depth and integrity than anything else in the theaters... Yes when you see it in a theater after it gets international distribution you will be proven wrong :) Good luck with your films and good day.