Monday, August 07, 2006

Jon Amiel's Angel Makers To Poison Yorkshire Village

Transposing true-life tragedies to a fictional Yorkshire village is typically the province (sort-of-pun not intended) of Emmerdale - remember their Lockerbie episodes? - but now, big screeners are getting in on the act too. Maybe that tea bag sponsorship money was too hard to resist.

Jon Amiel is to direct Angel Makers, telling a made-up version of the events depicted in the documentary The Angel Makers - my itallics, of course. According to the doc, a village load of husbands returned from the trenches of the Second World War only to be offed by their wives, using arsenic supplied by the local abortionist. Charming.

Helen Mirren, John Hurt and Anne-Marie Duff are to star.

Amiel directed the BBC Singing Detective and Queen of Hearts - which was written by Tideland scribe Tony Grisoni.

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Devon Dudgeon said...

It's a shame they've set this in Yorkshire. The real events happened in Hungary. The book of "The Angel Makers" by Jessica Gregson sticks to the original location. It's a great read - worth picking up before the movie hits cinemas.