Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Once Upon A Weird Al

A long time ago now, Peyton Reed was the director of The Weird Al Show. Since then, of course, he's brought us Bring It On, Down With Love, The Break-Up and a TV Herbie film with Bruce Campbell. He's clearly a very, very talented director.

Out now on DVD, every episode of The Weird Al Show comes with a commentary, featuring Mr. Yankovic and Mr. Reed, plus guests. Great stuff, I'm sure. Sadly, though, the show isn't so hot...

It needed a better star, for one thing, but apparently, deeper problems also sprang out of budgetary, scheduling and censorship issues - all of which are covered in the commentaries.

You can check out clips, courtesy of DVD Talk, to see if you're tempted - there's one, two, three, four at least.

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