Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Open Letter To Wes Anderson From Steely Dan

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have written an open letter to Wes Anderson, a nice sequel to their previous missive to Luke Wilson (but actually about Owen Wilson).

Here's my own open letter to Wes:

Dear Wes,

I wondered why it all went down hill for you after Rushmore, and then I saw a picture of you and Scorsese together in Premiere magazine. Then I knew for sure. He'd infected you.

Craftsmanship and artisanry are so often mistaken. Once, you walked the line and I hoped you'd walk away from it - but then, two films in, you fell over it. Enough already. Enough making things up, time to make things work.

Yours Faithlessly,

Brendon Connelly

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