Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I reckon that Rian Johnson's upcoming The Brothers Bloom might have it's roots in Greek mythology. What was that I was saying about the Coens again?

Visit the film's official website and the page is, with seeming inexplicabilty, entitled Penelope. Now, if this is the same Penelope that married Odysseus and was mother to Telemachus, then maybe -- just maybe - there's some plot clues to be chewed over just in the name.

In mythology, Penelope played tricks on her suitors to stall their advances. I guess this was before No was allowed to mean No and back then, a girl had to get creative. In terms of the movie and what we already know (ie.not a lot) this might just refer to Penelope being a con artist, or perhaps that the two characters seen in the sketches on the site are trying to woo a Penelope?

Or maybe not. Care to comment, Mr.Johnson?


Martha said...

Hey Brendon. CHUD actually just published a great (mythology-free, sadly) interview with Johnson in which he talks a lot about the film.


Brendon said...

Cheers, Martha.